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Demigod Izzy
• 10/26/2013


Name: Isabelle Aiglentina

Age: Unknown

Whos Their Disney Counterpart: Belle

History:When Isabelle was born her mother Cathrin Aiglentina died during childbirth. She was then raised by her father Maurice Aiglentina in Eguisheim France. While she had lived in this small town Isabelle had gained a reputation in being a beauty, but bookish girl. Although she didn't have many friends, she was incredibly close to her father. Isabelle did love her father dearly, and would do anything to protect him.

When her father her father wasn't able to pay off some debt to an unknown lender. Knowing her father safety and welfare was in the line, she manage to contact the lender and explain the situation. The lender had agreed to cancel her father debt, but only if she were to become his live-in made. Although Isabelle was hesitant, she did agree to exchange. Unfortunately she barely had a chance to even say goodbye to her father, because the lender didn't mention that he was lives in America, and that he was going home that very night.

Model: Helena von Estorff

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Demigod Izzy
• 10/26/2013


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